Letter boxes

Letter boxes in the highest quality class

The post boxes are sent directly to you without intermediaries. The post boxes are made of strong hot-dip galvanized sheet steel which is powder-coated with the highest quality paint.

Create your own sign

When you buy a post box from us, an exclusive sign is included that is easily pushed into the sign compartment. You can design the sign yourself, and it is easy to replace and change the look of your post box.


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Post box Albertina red frontPost box Albertina red side
Post box Philip Blue frontPost box Philip blue side
Post box Albert black frontPost box Albert black side
Post box Karolina graphite frontPost box Karolina graphite side
Post box Gustaf red frontPost box Gustaf red side
1 799 kr
Post box Folke graphite frontPost box Folke graphite side
1 699 kr